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 Our party welcomes ALL who share in the vision of improvements needed for our town. We invite you to contact us for more information on our mission and to consider joining as a member of our committee.

  • We are dedicated to being fair, honest and devoted to the citizens of Enfield - all citizens! 
  • We are dedicated to all residents: voters and non voters alike.
  • We are a team of individuals that have chosen this path as a means to bridge the wide gaps in our community and to assist in solutions that will benefit all into our future.

​The negativity caused by party lines in Enfield has caused division for far too long. We are a party of unity!  

Liz Davis, Chair
Enfield, CT 


Application for Town Council or Board of Education

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           Cynthia Mangini            

           32 Glendale Rd.            

           Enfield, CT 06082

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The Platform

A Quality Education System

The Enfield Democratic Party firmly believes that graduation from a quality public school with college and career ready skills is the right of every child.  We must prepare all students with the 21st century skills necessary to succeed in a global environment. 

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Responsible Government and Economic Development

The Enfield Democratic Party believes every resident should be confident in the local government.   


The Enfield Democratic Party understands that we are at a critical moment of transition regarding the economy and our ultimate success depends on determination and innovation. We recognize that our success depends on strong local leadership in order to move forward with confidence and a common purpose. 

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Families, Children, and Senior Citizens

The Enfield Democratic Party believes that there are many types of families and all should be embraced.  A strong family unit is the backbone of a healthy society.  Governments should support families and promote the value of a diverse society.    

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