Monthly Meetings


The Enfield Democratic Town Committee typically holds its meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7p.m. at The Enfield Town Hall, 820 Enfield Street, Enfield, CT.

Please note any changes to this meeting schedule will be posted here on our web site.

If you would like more information or to be added to our email list, please complete the quick form on the Contact us page and someone will reach out to you.

About Us


The Enfield Democratic Town Committee is a party of growth and encourages diversity within it's team and community. Personal experiences make us who we are and we cherish that in our neighbors.  ​​

If you would like to join in our efforts to make long lasting, positive change in Enfield, please don't hesitate to contact us. No amount of participation on our team is too little. We look forward to new members who are willing to join us in an effort to create a better Enfield.

EDTC Leadership



Liz Davis
1st Vice Chairman

Theodore Plamondon

2nd Vice Chairman

Virginia Higley


Cynthia Mangini


Deborah Fiore

District 1

Captain - Roger Russell
Vice-Captain - Robert Lemay
Secretary - Virginia Higley
District 2
Captain - Marilynn Cressotti
Vice-Captain - Lori Longhi
Secretary - Gina Sullivan
District 3
Captain - Marcy Taliceo
Vice-Captain - Judy Kilty
Secretary - Cynthia Mangini
District 4
Captain - Lewis Fiore
Vice-Captain - Douglas Maxellon
Secretary - Kelly Davis

EDTC Members

District 1

Jeff  Cooper
Anthony DiPace
Jonn Foxx
Virginia C. Higley
James F. Howard, Jr.
Linda  Leander
Pamela Leitao
Robert Lemay
Timothy Neville
Steve Niemitz
Beverly Pajor
Theodore Plamondon
Patrick Roche
Roger C. Russell
Kathleen Tallarita
Patrick Thomson
William  Thomson
Stacy Thurston
Karen Weseliza
Richard  Zaczynski

District 2

David  Alexander
Lynn Alexander
Gina Cekala
Marilynn Cressotti
Robert Cressotti
Joshua Hamre
Albert B. Harrison
Frank Korona
Jill Krawiec
David Longhi
Lori Longhi
Eileen MacDonald
Timothy  Norris
Victoria  Rose
Mary Scutt
Gina Sullivan
Thomas  Tyler

District 3

Mark Cerrato 

Elizabeth Davis 

Marie Davis 

Karl R. Dudek 

Kenneth  Edgar 

Sharon Edgar 

Sarah Hernandez 

Kenneth  Hilinski 

Karen Jarmoc 

Stephen Jarmoc 

Judy Kilty 

David  Kiner 

Charles Ladd 

Roberta  Ladd 

Cynthia Mangini 

Scott Ryder 

Eric Stone 

Jennifer Stone 

Marcy Taliceo 

Christina Tetreault 

Susan L. Warner 

Vincent Weseliza

District 4

Maryann Abar
Tom Arnone
Michelle Arre
Howard Coro Jr.
Kelly  Davis
Edward Deni
Deborah  Fiore
Lewis  Fiore
Jeffrey Gentes
Joyce Hall
George  Kertanis
Douglas Maxellon
Melissa Nuccio
Dario Russotto
Christine Silver
Scott St. Laurent
Jeanne Weseliza


Quality Education System

Enfield Democrats Support:

  • Setting high expectations in providing world-class education for all students by raising competitive curricular standards. 
  •  Articulating to all stakeholders a long-term educational vision for the district. 
  • Creating and implementing a 5-year strategic plan that delineates measurable district goals, student outcomes, assessment criteria, and timelines for successful completion.
  • Ensuring that the district provides the necessary resources and supports that each special ed/regular ed student needs to successfully access their education as evidenced by positive outcomes.
  • Strengthening collaborative relationships among all stakeholders involved in our children’s education.
  • Expanding access to early childhood education for Enfield students.
  • Encouraging increased collaboration with town government, and public schools to enhance access to mental health services and continue working with Enfield Youth Services.   
  • Providing clean, safe, and fully functional classroom environments that are conducive to learning.
  • Expanding and encouraging adult education and job training opportunities.
  • Making healthy meal options available to Enfield students.

Responsible Government

Enfield Democrats Support:

  • Transparent fiscal practices, with public access to all related financial records, sensible spending and maintain audit integrity.
  • Ideas and contributions of all Enfield residents will be heard and considered in all town related decision-making.  We promise to be accessible and responsive to the citizens of Enfield
  • Creating and implementing jointly with the BOE a 5-year strategic plan that delineates measurable TOE/BOE facility goals, specific outcomes, TOE/State/Grant funds needed, assessment criteria, and timelines for successful goal completion.

Families, Children, and Senior Citizens

 Enfield Democrats support:

  • Encouraging community relationships with Enfield’s Public Safety Departments.
  • Working to improve the quality of life for all members of the Enfield community. 
  • Continued support and commitment to Enfield Adult Day Center. 
  • Soliciting and valuing ongoing feedback from our community about the areas of need and concern in an effort to strengthen the fabric of the town. 

Economic Development

 Enfield Democrats Support:

  • Identifying opportunities to sustain and strengthen Enfield’s economy by encouraging entrepreneurship and small business ownership.
  • We believe that opportunity for local untapped revenue in Enfield can reduce the amount of financial strain on our residents.
  • Promoting economic diversity by developing and supporting minority and women owned businesses.
  • Improving and ensuring a friendly environment for business that fosters the growth and development of all businesses.
  • Encouraging long term stability by ensuring that all economic development creates good jobs that provide livable wages and benefits for all of Enfield working families.
  • As Democrats, we are guided by the principles of fairness and equality.  We believe in promoting our education system, promoting an economic recovery that is shared by all and helps expand the middle class, the right to fair and decent wages, and a quality of life that attracts people to raise families in Enfield.